The 5 best desk lamps and flexos for studying

If in this article we gave you the keys to looking after the health of our back, today we advise you on the lighting in the spaces where we work or study.

The right lighting will help us to carry out our day-to-day tasks more comfortably, and is essential to prevent possible headaches or visual fatigue. In addition, the flexos are not only a functional complement, but they can also be our great allies in the decoration of our rooms.

Lighting has the ability to transform all spaces, giving them a greater sense of home. Who said that our work or study space cannot be a place where we can feel at peace? Moreover, thanks to the adjustable lampshade that characterises this type of luminaire, we can move the focus of the light to our liking, allowing us to choose where to focus it.

Here are our 5 table lamps or flexos:



This model integrates perfectly into any type of decoration, thanks to its modern and elegant design with adjustable lampshade, making it one of our most recommended lamps to include in our study or work areas.

Also, bear in mind that just as the sun’s rays can dazzle us, so can the light from our lamp. To avoid this type of situation, try to ensure that the light from the lamp is always above your eyes, i.e. outside your line of vision.

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MUSA Flexo


MUSA will illuminate your moments of concentration, while breaking with the decoration of your room, thanks to its black or white body (depending on the model) with touches of wood. If you like simple designs, this stylised flexo lamp will look ideal in your rooms.

One of the advantages of this type of light is that it is easy to assemble and clean. Therefore, if you are looking to add a different touch to your room and don’t want to complicate things too much, MUSA is ideal for you.

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ZEUS flexo


Another of our recommendations is ZEUS which, with a different design to the rest of the products and consisting of a white body and an adjustable lampshade, is the perfect complement for those looking to add an original touch to their rooms.

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BLAKE table lamp


The design of this table lamp makes it an essential in any interior. Both the body and the two BLAKE lampshades are made of durable and resistant metal. Although it is a bet for youth rooms or offices, it will be ideal in living rooms or hallways, thanks to its black finish.

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GARY table lamp


While, if you are looking for a table lamp that brings an elegant touch to your rooms, GARY is ideal for you, as it is the graphic representation of sophistication.

The body of this table lamp is made of ceramic and has a fabric shade, making it perfect for bringing light and spaciousness to your rooms. If you want to illuminate your bedside table, sideboard or reading table, this lamp will make you fall in love with it.

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Recommendations for lighting our workplace

Once we have introduced you to the products featured in this article that will illuminate your study or work moments, we give you a series of tips to bear in mind when using this type of luminaire:

  • Use cool light in your study or work area, as it is similar to natural light and therefore favours concentration and productivity. However, if you usually study at night, it is advisable to opt for a more neutral type of light to avoid sleep problems.
  • Try not to place your computer screen in front of the window, so you don’t get unwanted reflections. However, if possible, place your desk in front of the window, so that you get more natural light and this will influence your mood.
  • Place the lamp on the opposite side of the table to the one you are writing with to avoid shadows from your arm on the paper. Also, make sure that the general lighting in the room is not behind you, so that you do not lose light and the shadow of your body is not cast on the table.
  • LED bulbs offer greater energy savings, are longer lasting and more efficient, do not contain mercury like halogen bulbs and emit a higher quality light.
  • Rest your eyes to relieve eye fatigue caused by looking at a screen close to your eyes by occasionally looking away.

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