11 reasons to choose solar lighting

Advantages of solar lamps compared to conventional lighting

For several years now, we have been immersed in a true revolution in the development and use of solar energy. Thanks to the new uses and solutions that have been given to solar energy, it has been possible to bring this clean energy closer to homes, offering domestic solar outdoor lighting solutions. Replacing traditional lighting in our gardens, patios, terraces, porches or attics with solar lighting offers great benefits to our homes. In this article, we tell you about its advantages.



Solar outdoor lighting is the most ecological and environmentally friendly, as the energy it needs comes from renewable sources, in this case, sunlight. In this way, you will take care of the environment and the future of your loved ones.


Energy saving

As we have told you, this type of lighting doesn’t need to be connected to the mains, mainly because the internal batteries are charged by sunlight through the panel itself. This is the reason why the electricity cost of these lamps amounts to 0 euros. This way, you will be able to light up your garden, terrace or any outdoor area for free and save money on your electricity bill at the end of the month.


Easy installation

Another advantage of this type of lamp is its assembly and installation, as it is the simplest and, therefore, you will only have to screw a couple of screws to the wall to hang your wall lamp or stick your beacon directly into the ground. This way, your garden will be ready for you to enjoy at all times.



Along these lines, there are many solar lamp models that include one or more presence sensors, allowing you to choose the operating mode that best suits your needs. This type of presence sensor lighting can serve as a method of protection and prevention against criminals, as the lamp will switch on at full power when someone enters the sensor’s detection area. In addition, it will always appear as if someone is at home thanks to the automatic switching on of the lamp at night.

Aplique de pared solar JANO ambiente

High brightness

You will also have high-intensity lighting, thanks to the development and improvement of the LED panels that make up the solar lamps, leaving behind the solar lamps that barely illuminated an area of a few centimetres. Nowadays, this type of lamp is comparable to high-efficiency grid-connected lamps.


Longer autonomy and service life

Two other aspects that have been developed and improved in solar lighting are the batteries and the solar panel. Thanks to the new batteries of greater capacity and durability, to the improvement in the quality and efficiency of the solar panels, the lamp has been given greater operating autonomy and a longer useful life. These are two key aspects that have allowed the integration of the high luminosity LED panels mentioned above.



A few years ago, you could only find on the market small beacons or solar spotlights of very low light intensity that were merely decorative and whose useful life was very short. Nowadays, Arteconfort’s family of solar products has developed in such a way that you can find all kinds of solutions to illuminate the exterior of your home, from wall lights, beacons, lampposts, garlands, projectors or table lamps among others. In addition, you can choose between functional lighting for large areas or decorative lighting to create unique atmospheres.


High resistance

Also, when you install a lamp in an outdoor area, it is very important that it has a high resistance to external factors, as it will be exposed to rain, hail, dust, the summer sun or even a ball from a missed goal. Arteconfort solar lamps are manufactured with the most resistant and durable materials so that you can enjoy the outside of your garden without worries.


Reduced maintenance

Forget about changing blown bulbs, checking electrical connections or looking for the switch in the dark to turn on the light. Solar lamps are designed to make your life easier: they switch on automatically when it gets dark, thanks to the twilight sensor, and will increase the intensity of the light when you approach using the presence sensor.


Less light pollution

Another key feature is that it avoids light pollution that affects animals, plants and ourselves. The LED modules, integrated in the solar lighting, direct the light towards the area we want to illuminate, through the use of special optics. In addition, in most cases, the lamp itself will allow us to direct the light beam and, thanks to the presence sensor, you can choose to reduce the intensity of the light or keep it off when you do not need it.


Useful all year round

A key feature of solar lighting is its functionality throughout the year, as it is not only exclusive to summer, but can be used in all seasons, even in winter. From wall lights, spotlights, solar recessed lights, etc., they can become your great allies to keep your terrace or garden alive, highlighting or decorating any spot. All this, thanks to the solar panels with a larger surface area included, helping to obtain a greater capture of the sun.

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