More sustainable businesses with eco-packaging

The importance of caring for the environment is one of the challenges we are facing as a society. Not only on the part of each individual or governments themselves, with the development of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), for example, but also on the part of companies. They have a crucial role to play in raising awareness about caring for our planet, as well as being, possibly, the great precursors of caring for it.

In recent times, we are witnessing the consequences of climate change. The planet needs a greater commitment from all citizens, in fact, more and more people are recycling different types of packaging. According to Ecoembes, in Spain, in 2020, almost 1.5 million tonnes of household packaging made of plastic, briks, metal, paper and cardboard were sent to recycling plants. Eco-packaging is a solution for caring for the environment and avoiding the use of plastics in everyday life.

Eco-friendly products boost companies' reputations

But what is it? It is a high quality ecological packaging that is responsible with the planet, thanks to the lower use of energy and raw materials, helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Some of the materials used are recycled plastic, paper or cardboard, the latter being the most common. According to the study Envases y embalajes: percepción de la sociedad, carried out in 2017 by the Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Envases y Embalajes de Cartón Ondulado, cardboard is the best material for eco-packaging for 41.7% of Spaniards.

The key to all this lies not only in caring for the environment, avoiding the use of plastics, but also in giving a second use to all those materials that end up in the rubbish. It also improves the reputation of the brand, as it conveys the image of a responsible company to the public. According to the study carried out by First Insight, which surveyed US consumers to find out about sustainable purchasing habits, Generation X (1965 – 1974), Generation Millennial (1980-1994) and Generation Z (1995 – 2015) make purchasing decisions taking sustainable practices into account.

The future of business with eco-packaging

If we want our products to be among the best sellers, it is necessary for the packaging to be environmentally friendly. At Arteconfort we are conscious of caring for the planet and we want our products to take care of the planet and raise awareness in society. Thus, we have created an eco-friendly quality seal for solar lamps and ceiling fans, a pioneering and innovative measure within the household sector. The idea is to gradually extend this practice to other products of the brand.

So, by eliminating the plastic that wraps our products, as well as the plastic that covers the boxes, this year we have put an end to the production of 53,750kg of plastic in our solar products and fans. But not only that, thanks to this action we will avoid generating 188,125kg of CO2, which is an important step towards caring for our planet. CO2 emissions accentuate the greenhouse effect, causing further global warming. Here, the data are chilling, only in 2018, Spain emitted 340,720 tons of carbon dioxide, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Our environmentally friendly packaging, made from 100% recyclable, reusable and renewable materials, has been developed from scratch within the company’s R&D department, creating specific moulds and putting an end to the use of polystyrene or plastic sheets. From Arteconfort we are helping to conserve the environment with our actions, and this is only the beginning of the production of products that respect the planet by our brand.

“Our commitment to the well-being of the planet is our roadmap. We base our entire strategy and actions on offering increasingly efficient and respectful solutions. We are very proud to lead the way and to be the first in the household sector to develop packaging with these characteristics,” says Javier Zorrilla, Managing Director of Arteconfort.