Solar lighting: an ally in the face of a possible global power blackout

It seems that in recent years we have been immersed in a fictional film, in the purest Mad Max style. In the midst of a health crisis, rising electricity and raw material prices and supply shortages, Europe is warning of a possible blackout, i.e. a generalised blackout that will affect the whole of Europe.

Who has sounded the alarm? A few weeks ago, Austria started advising its citizens to prepare for the hypothetical “big blackout” that is reported to take place in the next 5 years.

In the face of all the alarmism that is sweeping the streets of European cities, it should be remembered that, if this happens, it will not be the first time we have experienced something similar. In the case of Spain, during the Filomena storm, many homes were left without water or electricity, or even both. Meanwhile, in the rest of Europe, Italy suffered a blackout in 2003 that lasted 24 hours, or London and Germany in 2006, in October and November, respectively.

Solar lighting to cope with the blackout predicted by Austria

In the last two years we have learned to live from day to day and to prepare ourselves for what the future may bring. Therefore, while Europe warns of a possible energy blackout, solar products are becoming the protagonists and our great allies, as they do not require the electricity grid to generate light, simply that the solar panels are exposed to the sun’s rays.

One of the most popular products is the SET HIDRA, a solar kit of bulbs and battery with several charging ports. As well as the KORE M adjustable solar spotlight or the NIZAR solar wall lights.

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What about Spain

In Spain we have the advantage of living on a peninsula that is an energy island. In the words of Roberto Gómez, an expert in energy supply, to the ABC newspaper, “we have a connection that provides 3% or 5% of the energy Spain needs, which comes from France”. The remaining 95% is energy produced by Spain itself.

Red Eléctrica Española (REE) assures that the Spanish model is followed by many countries for its safety and that “there is no objective indication” that this could happen.

We are aware of how difficult it is not to be alarmed by this situation, especially when it is on the agenda of the media and in everyday conversations. It is not a matter of alarming an entire society, but of being prepared for what may come in the future.

Foto del SET Hidra artículo apagón

Recommendations for saving energy

Although it is a hypothetical blackout, it is preferable to prevent and be prepared. How? On the one hand, it is advisable to try to use less electricity, thus reducing the probability of experiencing a blackout in Spain, although the peninsula’s electricity grid is one of the safest in the world. To do this, we can reduce the heating temperature to 20°C, every degree less of temperature is a 10% energy saving.

It is also useful to use thermostats, seal windows and doors to improve insulation and prevent heat from escaping from the house to the outside. Another recommendation is to clean the boiler filters and to use electrical appliances in the lowest energy-consuming time slots.

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