One of the most popular trends of recent times are the luminous figures with LED light. The possibility of being able to choose from a wide variety of shapes and striking colours makes this type of product one of the favourites for illuminating the different rooms in our home, providing an original and novel touch.

  • BELL

    Dress up your walls with this neon light in the shape of bells, perfect to fill your home with light...

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    Green neon light in the shape of a cactus, perfect for adding a retro touch of colour to your bedroom,...

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    Decorative neon lamp in the shape of a flamingo: Ideal for adding a touch of colour and originality to the...

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    Decorate your rooms in the most romantic way with the HEART neon light. Place it in the bedroom, living room,...

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  • LOVE

    Light up the walls of your bedroom or living room with this neon light. Simplicity and sophistication to decorate your...

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    Decorate your walls with this mirror lamp, perfect to fill your home with light and originality at any time of...

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    Decorate the wall of your facade with the ORION projector during the most special moments of the year: Christmas, Valentine’s...

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  • STAR

    Create unique and fun atmospheres thanks to this star-shaped white neon light that illuminates the rooms in your home in...

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  • TREE

    Add a touch of colour to your home with this neon light in the shape of a pine tree, perfect...

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Why decorate your home with luminous figures?

New technologies have allowed us to obtain novel forms of lighting and increasingly efficient bulbs. LED neon technology has become a very popular option when opting for this type of luminaire. It is a more efficient and economical alternative to classic neon tubes and at the same time maintains that retro, cheerful and colourful aesthetic that makes neon unique and irresistible pieces to create atmosphere.

Luminous figures with slogans and messages, minimalist, eye-catching shapes of animals or everyday objects. There is a great variety of shapes, colours and sizes. It is important when choosing a neon sign that you take into account a few things:

  • Where you want to place it: the headboard is usually a very popular space, but it can also be found in the living room or kitchen. It can be a perfect element with which to receive your friends and family in an original way by placing it in the hall, on a side table or as a table centrepiece.
  • What shape you want: it can be a word or phrase that identifies you, or simply a shape that conveys a fresh and fun air. You can also combine them with each other, several shapes together or words with shapes. The combinations are endless but remember that for this trend to work you must avoid excesses and look for simple designs.

Apart from being original and alternative, neon lights also offer several advantages:

  • They provide an extra point of light, while creating a personalised ambience.
  • No matter what the style of decoration: luminous figures are an alternative and ground-breaking element in any style, so it doesn’t have to match the style of your home.
  • They are not only used to decorate the walls, dare to place them in alternative places such as the chest of drawers or the dressing table in your bedroom, or a side table in the living room. They are perfect for illuminating any space.