Pendants are an imaginative and original solution to give your room a unique and personal touch of style, with a wide variety of designs and styles: rustic, vintage, modern… to choose from.


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What is a pendel?

Pendel lamps are suspended lamps, made up of a socket that can be of different shapes and materials, a cable that carries electricity to the bulb through a phase and a neutral and at the end a trim that is fixed to the ceiling and through which we hide the wiring. The main characteristic of the pendel is that they do not incorporate a lampshade, leaving the bulb in view.

Lighting with pendants

With a characteristic beauty and a slightly retro charm, pendants fit in well in any room of the house. Despite appearing to be a fairly simple element, they come in an infinite number of shapes, materials and colours, ranging from simple metallic models with geometric shapes ideal for industrially inspired environments to rope or wooden models ideal for those nordic style rooms or country houses where the natural is more relevant.

The structure of this type of luminaire gives us the opportunity to incorporate the bulb not only as a functional but also as a decorative element, as we have already mentioned, as it has no lampshade, you can opt for bulbs with original shapes and larger sizes, etc. There is a wide catalogue of decorative bulbs with a great variety of shapes and colours from which you can find the one that best harmonises with the structure of your pendant. Most of these are available in LED technology which will provide great savings in electricity consumption.

When organising the light points in a room it is important that we look at the visual effect that we want to give to the whole room, paying special attention to those areas where we want to make a greater impact. We can add more value to an area, for example, by adding more points of light, you can combine several pendel placing them in a row or in a cascade of different heights, its completely modular structure offers us great ease to adapt to different spaces and play with its layout.

A fusion of style, elegance and functionality, pendants are the ideal solution to give an original and distinctive touch to any room in your home.